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NFT Creator Benefits

  • Fractionalized Capital: Raise funds by dividing real-world assets into various NFTs, which are otherwise difficult to divide.
  • Global Investor Base: A seamless platform that is accessible to anyone globally.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We will make sure, that the assets which are being tokenized are regulatory compliant as well, included in the Due diligence report by our inspection team.
  • Turnkey: We will put together the legal documentation, regulatory filings and other required administrative work into the smart contract so it’s not just the facility of selling the NFTs but the whole process is facilitated by Lumishare. This will be a huge differentiator as compared to traditional financing in which legal and lender work and fees create material frictions.
  • Price Discovery: The liquidity of a traded instrument provides important price discovery benefits, including the ability to price follow-on financial instruments cost-effectively.

NFT Investor Benefits

  • Affordability: By dividing assets, the investors can invest piecemeal and with a small amount of capital, as compared to investing huge sums of money at once in buying the entire asset.
  • Accessibility: These real-world assets might not otherwise be accessible to the general public.
  • Diversification: These NFTs provide an important diversification instrument to improve risk adjusted returns to traditional securities portfolios.
  • Liquidity: Buy and Sell the NFTs in the secondary market via our NFT marketplace.

Future Roadmap

We will have 5 Versions of the NFT marketplace, as outlined below, per our vision

Version 1

Modern NFT Marketplace – Easy to use including the Anti-Fraud and No code module. We will also provide an administrative tool to minters and owners of the asset to have the data analytics to assess the holders of their NFTs, and this can act as a communication tool between minters and regulators as regulation becomes more formalized.

Version 2

Marketing Services – We will also offer the promotional services to the asset owners who will mint NFTs on our platform which will be implemented by third party verified advertisement companies (who are in a B2B collaboration with us) like creating campaigns on social media, creating community, helping to deliver the right message etc. It will be on an additional-fee basis and will be optional to help them to promote their assets globally.

Version 3

Augmented Reality – People will have the ability to virtually visit their assets

Version 4

Voice Chat GPT Smart Assistant using AI & Machine Learning

Version 5

Full Metaverse – With AR-VR Goggles – Buy, Invest and view the goods, assets, investments – and get it home physically (for small items) or for big items, see the process of the investment growth.

Present Problems with Current Options of Financing for Renewable Energy Asset Owners

  • Current funding options like bank financing (debt) take time due to longer process and bureaucracy involved.
  • Cannot sell the underlying asset, without taking bank’s permission as bank’s have lien (ownership) on the assets.
  • Risk of bankruptcy when the sector is down, due to low revenues; interest still has to be paid to the bank.
  • Giving up equity to private investors might be risky at times if the decision-making conflicts with current investors.
  • Only a few banks or equity holders might be willing to finance the project.

Benefits for Renewable Energy Asset Owners by partnering with LumiShare

  • Faster and more transparent way to get financing for your project using blockchain technology.
  • New and alternative option to finance the project costs via tokenizing and fractionalizing the renewable energy assets (solar farms and wind farms).
  • A better option to share only Revenue Streams with the NFT holders.
  • Do not have to give up the actual ownership in the asset (non-recourse financing).
  • Small investors from across the world can invest in your project.

Product Characteristics

  • NFTs as a new financial instrument to finance renewable energy projects.
  • NFTs will sit between Senior Project Lender and Equity in the cap table in terms of seniority which increases the effective equity IRR (makes it attractive).
  • The NFTs essentially gives the right (to the owner of the NFT) to share revenues from the project without having any capital ownership.
  • There will be a fixed component and a variable component in the total payment that will be paid to the NFT holders.
  • At the end of the tenure of these NFTs, there will be no return of capital or principal invested at the time of buying the NFTs.
  • These NFTs are sort of perpetually renewable as it gets automatically renewed at the end of its tenor for the same period.


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