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As per our broader vision of Lumishare, we strive for quality and free Education for the masses. To get there globally we have started the following as a part of Lumishare ecosystem.
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Free online knowledge sessions

These sessions will be open for all, free of cost ( No registration fees). These will have speakers who are at CXO, CEO at various web3 companies who will discuss about web3 innovations and their use case of blockchain in their respective companies.

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Free offline Lumishare Education Events

These events will be free for all the people to come at a common location and meet like minded students and working professionals in the web3 space. They will be provided with knowledge of web3, blockchain via live learning sessions. The participants will get Lumishare branded goodies and LUMI tokens as an airdrop, as a part of the event.

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LumiShare Education posts on Social Media

There are 2 Education posts published across our social media channels, about web3, blockchain and crypto every week, in collaboration with our content partner, Edubuk These posts cover basic and fundamental information of various topics and sub-topics related to web3, blockchain, crypto, NFTs and Lumishare ecosystem.

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Free online Web3 learning academy‚Äč

In near future, we will launch our own online web3 learning academy where anyone from around the world can learn about various topics relating to web3, blockchain, crypto, NFTs as a part of a short online course on our learning platform. This is in line with our mission to solve the problem of only 4.2% of the people know about crypto and NFTs in general.