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One of our goals at LumiShare is to provide high-quality, free education opportunities for people worldwide. As part of our ecosystem, we have initiated:


Free Online Knowledge Sessions

Enjoy free online sessions at LumiShare, free of charge without any registration fees. Led by industry leaders, including CXOs and CEOs from diverse web3 companies, these sessions explore web3 innovations and practical applications of blockchain, offering valuable insights and accessible learning opportunities


Free Online LumiShare Education Events

Join us for free LumiShare Education Events, held in person. Network with peers and experts in web3. Gain insights into blockchain and web3 technologies through live sessions. Plus, receive LumiShare swag and LUMI tokens as an airdrop.


LumiShare Education Posts on Social Media

Follow us on social media for the latest insights and learning opportunities. In collaboration with our content partner, Edubuk, a skill-tech company offers valuable insights into web3, blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and the LumiShare ecosystem. Dive into essential topics to deepen your understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.


Free online Web3 learning academy

Coming soon: Our online Web3 Learning Academy! Accessible to learners worldwide, our platform will offer short courses covering a range of topics related to web3, blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. This initiative aligns with our mission to address the issue of limited awareness, with only 4.2% of the population currently knowledgeable about crypto and NFTs.

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