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LumiShare has launched the Trust token, $LUMI, which is backed by three uncorrelated assets:

Physical gold, the recovery fund (the cash reserve), and Technology (the stabilization algorithm) The Lumi token is NOT a stable coin; it is a unique token with limited downside and unlimited upside and its floor price will always be correlated with its all-time high market cap value. On every new all-time high market cap record, LumiShare will increase the Gold and Cash reserves, and the floor price will be increased accordingly.

The primary utilization of $LUMI tokens is to pay on LumiPlace and receive returns from renewable energy asset investments through our platform.


$LUMI TOKEN BACKED BY 3 Uncorrelated Assets

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Physical Gold​

We will keep a physical gold reserve equivalent to a certain percentage of the all-time high Market Cap. The Gold will be stored in a safe room at a bank in Abu Dhabi in a transparent manner, and LumiShare will provide certificates of the quantity and quality of the gold via the website.

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Recovery Fund​

"The backup of the backup". Our Cash reserve is built from the margins between the gold market price and our gold price. Once it will start, every month, a famous law firm will provide a letter with proof of funds, which we will publish on our website.

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a. Stabilization Algorithm - Burn Mechanism.
b. LumiPlace - Assets-backed NFT Marketplace.
c. LumiPay – Payment Gateway.