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Real World Assets (RWAs) Tokenization

Our innovative asset-backed NFT Marketplace is more than just a platform; it is a driving force behind the transformation of investments in renewable energy. We offer a revolutionary investment journey through the tokenization of real-world assets, particularly in the renewable energy industry, for both individuals and investors. We accelerate the shift to a cleaner, greener future by offering renewable energy projects with a stable and competitive source of funding at the same time.

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Assets backed NFT Marketplace to
Tokenize Renewable Energy Assets

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LumiShare Asset Backed NFT marketplace LumiShare

Renewable Energy (Clean & Green NFTs)


Simple & Trustworthy

  • Simplified UI/UX via no-code module
  • Due diligence and ESG reports
  • Immediate trade settlement (within a minute)

Growing Market

  • NFT's for renewable energy investment
  • Investment in energy security
  • Alignment with UN SDG goals

Enhancing Utility

  • Sophisticated NFT products for high-end investors
  • Packaged solutions for first adopters & broader market
  • LUMI Tokens issues as yield

RWA Creator Benefits LumiShare

LumiShare LumiShare

Fractionalized Capital

Effortlessly raise funds by partitioning real-world assets into multiple NFTs, overcoming traditional division challenges.

LumiShare LumiShare

Worldwide Investment Reach

A seamless platform open to global (non-U.S.) investors of all backgrounds.

LumiShare LumiShare

Regulatory Compliance

We handle legal documentation, regulatory filings, compliance reports, due diligence, and other administrative tasks directly within the smart contract.

LumiShare LumiShare

Price Discovery

Liquidity promotes price discovery and efficient follow-on capital raising.

LumiShare LumiShare


Comprehensive issuance services, including legal, marketing, intercreditor, regulatory and administrative.

LumiShare LumiShare

Maximize Returns

Optimize equity returns

NFT Investor Benefits LumiShare

LumiShare LumiShare


Fractionalized assets allow investors to participate with smaller capital contributions, making investment opportunities more affordable and accessible

LumiShare LumiShare

Enhanced Accessibility & Liquidity

Our NFT marketplace opens doors to real-world assets that may have been previously inaccessible to the public, providing newfound liquidity

LumiShare LumiShare


NFTs serve as vital diversification tools, enhancing risk-adjusted returns within traditional securities portfolios

LumiShare LumiShare


With anti-fraud measures, our platform ensures reliability and security

LumiShare LumiShare


Launching on projects with 1-2 year track record

LumiShare LumiShare

Continuous Liquidity

Trade around the clock with our 24/7 trading capability



1. Renewable Energy


2. Agriculture


3. Gold/Diamonds


4. Mining


5. Real Estate

LumiShare benefits from the valuable commercial and governmental relationships extended by our partner and will capitalize on key opportunities within the UAE at launch.

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