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Be Aware: SRG Tokens as shown and listed on CMC and Trading on Pancake Swap is not officially related to LumiShare.

Driving financial opportunities for billions of people in a trustworthy monetary framework.

From the dawn of history GOLD has been the most reliable and stable store of value.

LumiShare restores the GOLD standard's trustworthiness and stability through blockchain technology while maintaining full transparency.

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Important Terms & Conditions to Buy LUMI Token

Pre-sale Achieved A Success Rate Of 288%

Pre Sale Price

US $0.12

per LUMI token

CEX, DEX Listing Price

(Q2 2023)

US​ $0.18

per LUMI token

about us

We believe money should give people both stability and opportunities.

Through a combination of human capital, technology, cash and gold, LumiShare has created a new economic method, driven by blockchain innovation and relying on traditional economics (specifically the US economy until 1971). LumiShare’s asset-backed NFT Marketplace is a financial ecosystem of tokenized renewable energy assets and digital transactions around a community of consumers, investors and businesses.

Token Backed By 3 Uncorrelated Assets

Physical Gold icon

Physical Gold​

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We will keep a physical gold reserve equivalent to a percentage of the all-time high Market Cap. The Gold will be stored in a safe room at a bank in Abu Dhabi in a transparent manner and will be broadcasted live 24/7.
Recovery Fund icon

Recovery Fund​

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“The backup of the backup”. Our Cash reserve will be built from the margins between the gold market price and our gold price. Once every month, a famous law firm from Abu Dhabi will provide a letter with proof of funds which we will publish on our website.
Technology icon


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a. Auto burn mechanism
b. Assets-backed NFT Marketplace
c. LumiPay – Payment Gateway

Our Partners

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi has joined as our official partner and investor.

Lumishare benefits from the valuable commercial and governmental relationships extended by our partner and will capitalize on key opportunities within the UAE at launch.


Commercial Licensed by Abu-Dhabi Authorities. License No’ CN-4571353

Tokenization of Renewable Energy Assets


Renewable Energy Asset Backed NFT Marketplace

At Lumishare, we are committed to the sustainability of the environment, of the people and of the planet. We understand that sustainable practices not only benefit the earth and society, but also contribute to the long-term success and competitiveness of our company. Sustainable business practices are not just words at Lumishare, they are at the core of what we do. There are several initiatives that we are taking to ensure our commitment towards sustainability and that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By our NFT Marketplace to Tokenize Renewable Energy Assets, we will give people the opportunity to promote the generation of renewable energy (produced by solar and wind power plants) by investing in the world’s first clean and green NFTs (via our asset backed NFT marketplace). These NFT investments will serve as capital for large energy producers and will expand renewable power for developed countries with sophisticated electrical grids as well as for small, rural communities that, today, lack power. In accordance with UN SDG Goal 7, we will help produce affordable, clean energy all over the globe.

This is in line with UN SDG Goal no. 13: building knowledge and capacity to reduce climate change.

The Opportunities

Lost Trust in Fiat & Crypto

  • Fiat debasement over the past decade drew people to crypto; inflation is at 40-year highs.
  • Crypto’s lack of transparency and fraudulent projects stalled adoption over the past years.

Lack of Mass Adoption

  • Two-sided marketplaces lack breadth.
  • Low-quality UX turns most people away.
  • Fear of the unknown; benefits unclear.

Lack of Crypto Education

  • Only 5.3% of people have entered the Crypto markets.
  • Due to a lack of education, people are not aware of Cryptos at all.
  • People do not see real value behind current use cases of the crypto industry.

the LUMI ecosystem

“The Most Innovative Blockchain Ecosystem Of The Year”
By Entrepreneur magazine
The SRG Ecosystem new
SRG Triangle

3 Uncorrelated Back Up Assets

Gold | Cash | Technology


Up to 18% APY

DAO Donation & Wealth Fund

Asset Backed NFT Marketplace

No Code Module.

Anti-Fraud Mechanism.

Tokenization of Real Estate, Gold, Diamonds, Mines, Renewable energy assets.

Real Life Value

Use LUMI as Payment method

The team
Our team consists of top experts from the Blockchain, Fintech and Global Banking industries. Including seniors from BlackRock, Polygon, Ethereum, Meta(Facebook), J.P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Dubai Gold Exchange, Microsoft, Google, DE Shaw, Credit Suisse, Oxford University, OpenSea, AAVE etc.
Ben Sharon
Ben Sharon
CEO & Co-Founder

Entrepreneur. Marketing Expert. Opening and developing international markets. Six years of research, advice, and investment in the blockchain sector. World Peace Ambassador.

Ofer Chen
Ofer Chen
CFO & Co-Founder

CPA & Economist with over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Arbitrator and mediator. 3 times iron man finisher. B.A Economics & Accounting.

David Munoz
David Munoz
Vice President

Former Global Head of Credit Strategy & Global Head of Macroeconomic Strategy at BlackRock. Former Managing Director at Lehman Brothers. Former Vice President at Credit Suisse. Former Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Fast Bank (Digital Bank).

The Advisory Board​
Dalip Tyagi
Dalip Tyagi
VP Innovation

SVP and Head Developer Relations Polygon Technology. Ex Senior Director at Amazon. Head of Marketing, Alexa+AI. Ex Director at Meta (Facebook) Head Developer and Partner Marketing. Ex Microsoft - Bing Ads Product Marketing Director.

Jason Tay
Jason Tay
Strategic Consultant

Senior Director and Global Coordinator of Business Development of an Asia Fintech Unicorn. Strategic Advisor to Singapore Management University. Fintech Startup Mentor. Former Vice President at JP Morgan. Former Banker (Director) at Societe Generale Corporate Investment Bank.

Ellis Wang
Ellis Wang
Payment Gateway Senior Advisor

Ex Product Director at Google, Ex Senior Operation Director at Alibaba, Ex Director at Asus, Chief Head Of Technology, Transformation at Mashreq Bank


Total Allocation

Lumishare will list the tokens on various tier 1 exchanges globally in a phased manner. The number of tokens that will be listed on exchanges in each phase will depend on the development of Lumishare’s financial ecosystem and on the market conditions prevailing at that time, which includes the price of our token and external crypto markets in general.

Token Vesting Schedule​

To mitigate price fluctuations and ensuring the overall integrity of our project, the token allocation for Founders, Partners, Investors, Advisors & Management team is locked up as below:

Bar Chart token Vesting Schedule​

90% locked for 2 years

10% Unlocked

in 3rd year

30% Unlocked

in 4th year

30% Unlocked​​

in 5th year

30% Unlocked​

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Be Aware:

SRG Tokens as shown and listed on CMC and Trading on Pancake Swap is not officially related to LumiShare.