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We believe money should give people both stability and opportunities.

Through a combination of human capital, technology, cash and gold, LumiShare has created a new economic method, driven by blockchain innovation and relying on traditional economics (specifically the US economy until 1971). LumiShare’s asset-backed NFT Marketplace is a financial ecosystem of tokenized renewable energy assets and digital transactions around a community of consumers, investors and businesses.

With a vision to bring transparency and trust to the crypto markets, LumiShare has launched the world’s first Trust token, LUMI, which is backed up by 3 uncorrelated assets (Gold, Cash and Technology). 

LumiShare has also introduced the concept of “Proof of Transparency” including “Proof of Gold” and “Proof of Funds” in line with its vision of being 100% transparent to the world.

The LUMI token is NOT a stable coin and its floor price will always be correlated with the all-time high market cap value making it a unique token with limited downside and unlimited upside.

Why Lumishare?

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100% Transparency

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Stability with 3 uncorrelated back up assets

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Because you will be able to use LUMI tokens everywhere

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Because of the top tier team

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Because of the vision

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90% of the owners tokens are locked for the first two years

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Empowering the community

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Fast transactions & low gas fees

Our Partners

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan


Commercial Licensed by Abu-Dhabi Authorities. License No’ CN-4571353

The Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi has joined as our official partner and investor.

Lumishare benefits from the valuable commercial and governmental relationships extended by our partner and will capitalize on key opportunities within the UAE at launch.

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3 Uncorrelated Back Up Assets

Gold | Cash | Technology


Up to 18% APY

DAO Donation & Wealth Fund

Asset Backed NFT Marketplace

No Code Module.

Anti-Fraud Mechanism.

Tokenization of Real Estate, Gold, Diamonds, Mines, Renewable energy assets.

Real Life Value

Use LUMI as Payment method